Feb 18, 2014

February Sampler of the Month- Blanket Stitches!

By now I hope many of you have this month's sampler in your hands.  I had a great time painting all the envelopes with hearts this month for Valentine's Day.  It's one of my favorite holidays.  I love all things pink and red, and the smell of the drug store candy aisle sends me over the top.  This year I sent a big heart full of candy to my mom in Michigan; Godiva's, which always make me think of childhood visits to Chicago, her letting me pick out just one, the sea shell with the hazelnut center.  My favorite.

February's sampler of the month is Blanket Stitches, and since this stitch is often used for applique, I included an iron on heart applique with each envelope.  They are backed with Heat n' Bond, so you can iron them onto anything you like.  Each heart is cut out of a Paisley Sampler.   

Here's one of my favorite's from last year, this one by Deborah Davey.  I found it in the Flickr pool, but it sure looks like it started out life in the instagram world......
Deborah Davey's Rainbow Version.....
PS- As of today 2-18-14, there are several of this month's sampler left, so if you'd like to join the fun, it's not too late to start right away!  Here's a link to the six month....

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  1. Hi Rebecca! I'm so thrilled to have won a 3 month subscription over on Christine Haynes's blog! I've long wanted to subscribe, and sigh at each post announcing your newest sampler. I'm over the moon to finally be able to join the fun. Keep up the great work and colorful inspiration!