Feb 10, 2011

Here's what's cooking.....

Studio views of works in progress- lots of work happening all at once these days. I'm so thankful for time and for a sunny place to work- more studio views coming next week since I finally cleaned up the joint (really!)

Feb 9, 2011


After showing Mera's work yesterday, I can't help but keep on talking about color.   I'm excited about bright, intense, oversaturated, fluorescent colors these days.  Hot pink, hot yellow, hot green, maybe even hot purple....yes please, and lots of them.   
The drawings I've been making are reflective of this palette, but as I unpacked my thread last month I noticed a big gap.  I bet some of you are thinking, with all that thread how could I not have hot fuschia?
But I didn't (I swear!).  So, living only a half hour's train ride from the garment district, I headed out to 38th street last week to do some browsing shopping.
I've got to say that really, I love New York.   Where else is there a street filled with little shops that specialize in thread?   If you're headed to the city soon, I recommend checking out this short list (there are many more on the same street and nearby, so wander!)  1.) Pacific Trimmings, 2.) Panda Trading, and 3.) Daytona Trimming, (you might have heard me blabber on about this place before.)     What about you?  Where do you go for threads wherever you are?

Feb 8, 2011

Mera Mistry- Sunny Days!

While my work is primarily drawn and embroidered, for seven years a big part of my job in Chicago was teaching screen-printing.  While those prints rarely make it into my artwork, I've got to say that I really miss the printing process.  For me, printing is a lot like drawing- it feels loose and free and fast in a way that embroidery never can.  As much as I try to convey a sense of immediacy in my stitched pieces, they are slow going.  I sometimes miss printing and being able to assemble a composition within a few minutes or hours.
All this has been on my mind this week since I got an e-mail from a friend and former student Mera Mistry about her new etsy shop.   These bold, geometric, effortless patterns really brightened my grey winter day.  
Each towel is printed seamlessly with an all over pattern using professional grade thickened textile dyes, as well as liquid dyes to create beautiful layers of color.   Her bright, sunny palette is so great right now- a blast of sunshine for the February doldrums.   I hope you'll stop by her shop and look at her other stuff- Hooray for Mera!

Feb 7, 2011


As you know, since September I have been spending a lot of time studying and drawing knots.  Finally in January they started making their way onto fabric. 
 I am still experimenting with getting the color and textures just right.  Lots more samples are on their way this week.