Nov 13, 2014

November Embroidery Pattern Subscriptions...

I can hardly believe it's November.  I was restless the night we got back from our honeymoon last week, and I walked to the grocery to get a few things, noticing the pumpkins on my neighbor's doorsteps.  It seemed so early for jack o'lanterns, I thought, wondering what said neighbors would do when their pumpkins were rotten when Halloween rolled around.  I told Katy when I got home, and she kindly informed me that, in fact, Halloween was over.  I missed it! I Rip Van Winkled it!  There was no Halloween celebration or even candy at the little beach-y resort in Costa Rica where we were holed up.

WNYC just reported that there might be snow tonight.  I'm cooking a big pot of soup for friends tomorrow night, and today, as I walked to and from my studio I was bundled up in last year's down vest and my mittens.  Life is good.  I love this time of year.  Late fall, sweater weather, it's my jam.

Today and tomorrow, in between stirring a big pot of bean soup, I'm packaging up this month's subscriptions.  This month, Colorburst Subscribers get Blocks, featured here:

I stitched mine with a motley assortment of DMC and Valdani perle cottons and a ball of unidentified metallic laced perle cotton that I got at last year's quilt market in Houston.  I think it's from Turkey, wish I had more info to offer you.

Stitch of the month subscribers will receive weaving stitches this month- make sure your dull tapestry needles are ready!  Some of you will get both- thanks for being *supersubscribers*

Please note that for the first time ever, by popular demand, I am now offering back copies of select Colorburst samplers on a limited basis, but starting with this month's Blocks sampler.   They are available here.  Should you wish to dip your toe into the Colorburst world without jumping head first into a subscription, there are five or so designs available now.   Thanks to all of you who asked...

As always, please keep on hashtagging on Instagram with #dropclothsamplers  I check everyday to see the latest and greatest, and when new ones pop up it makes me smile.  Thank you!

Nov 12, 2014

The Book...It's Coming Soon!

I was surprised to come back from my honeymoon and find an e-mail from a friend letting me know that my book is now available for pre-order on Amazon, with a picture and description and everything.   Wow.   What a feeling! After pouring so much of my self, and my time, and all my energy into this project, it's exciting to see its publication date getting so much closer.   Here's a link should you wish to check it out.

Nov 11, 2014

I got married!

I'm back from what was the best party I've ever been to- our wedding!  Here are a few little pictures from the evening.  Our wedding was also (suprsingly) featured on the Huffington Post here.

If you've taken one of my workshops, you may have met (or heard me talking about) my good friend Angela Morano who I'm lucky to have as my TA sometimes when I teach.  She's one of the most talented people I know- a milliner based in Chicago.  I hired her to make my veil and sash, and she used my Grandma's dress as the material to create the flowers.      It was my favorite part of my outfit (dress from BHLDN).  *You can hire her too- more info here* Katy's dress was a surprise- we didn't know what the other was wearing until a big reveal on the big day.  I love how it turned out with one of us in black and the other (me!) in white.  More instagram pics here if you're interested.   
What fun. . . . . . .       

Oct 20, 2014

Colorful Stitchery Winner...

Thanks so much to everyone who entered last week's giveaway.  We have a winner!  Laura R, I am e-mailing you now, and I'll be mailing your book soon...

Meanwhile, I am heading out to the studio soon to pack up the very last orders before the shop closes.  I'm getting married on Saturday!  

Oct 15, 2014

October Subscriptions....

I'm rushing to get this month's orders out while my mom is here in town helping me pack them all up.  I wish she could be here every month!  This month, Colorburst Subscribers get the Mermaid in their mailboxes. 

Stitch of the month subscribers get Raised Stitches.  Some of you get both- big thanks to you all for being supersubscribers.    

Oct 10, 2014

Colorful Stitchery: Review and Giveaway

For me, one of the most fun parts of being part of Creativebug is getting to watch all the teacher trailers.  I feel like I've gotten to know many of the teachers this way, and in the cases in which I've actually met some of these women in real life, it has felt easy- as if I already knew them.  Somehow the team of interviewers and cameramen really know how to capture stories and scenes that are true.   I loved filming mine.

I had a moment of longing and admiration when I watched  the Kristin Nicholas trailer.  Her cold, dark, New England Sheep farm gives way to a bright beautiful home, reminiscent of Charleston.  I love the layers and layers of color and pattern that seem to be on every wall, and seem to penetrate all her design projects in knit and embroidery.  Recently, Kristin reached out to me to ask if I'd like to review her newly re-published book Colorful Stitchery, and of course I said yes.  

The book, no less colorful than Kristin's house, is full of fun, bright projects.  Maybe it's because it is suddenly sweater weather here in New York, but my favorite is this one, that makes use of the grooves of corduroy, which I can't get enough of these days, and thanks to Kristin I can't wait to start stitching on!   Perhaps that new dress that I got yesterday will get a little stripe treatment.

Thanks to the nice people at Roost, I've got a copy for one of you, too!  Tell me what embroidery projects you've got on tap for the fall, and I'll pick one winner to receive a copy.  Entries will close next Wednesday, October 15th  Friday, October 17th, and I'll pick a winner shortly after that. Good luck!

Oct 7, 2014

Arrowmont Workshop Recap

I got back from teaching at Arrowmont a little over a week ago now.  It was my second time teaching there, and I had so much fun.  A few students that took my class at Penland last fall came back for more.  It's always fun to have familiar faces in the room- and to get to know everyone even more.  We had a great group- everyone (even people who had not embroidered before) dove right in with a spirit of experimentation.     

Thanks to everyone who came!  I'm so happy to have met you all, and to have gotten to see my old friends Vicki and Annabel again.   AND- I wanted to especially thank my students (and esp. Annabel for organizing it) for secretively making me a veil (shown below on the Gatlinburg strip) for my moonshine bachelorette night.  It made my day.  Ya'll are the sweetest.    

PS- I'm getting married! Soon!  On October 25th.  The store will close (for the first time ever!) on Monday, October 20th and will reopen on November 5th.  

Sep 29, 2014

Tidal Lace Winner!

Hello! I'm back from teaching at Arrowmont, with lots to share about that soon.  I'm just popping in today to share the winner of the Tidal Lace giveaway.   The randomly selected winner is #34, Arianna.  I'll be emailing you next, and your fabric will ship out just as soon as you send me your mailing address.  Thanks to everyone who entered!

Sep 21, 2014

Tidal Lace...

One of the best parts of my life is meeting interesting artists as I travel around teaching workshops.   Last year (or the year before?) I met Kim Andersson, when she took one of my workshops at A Verb for Keeping Warm.  This year, at the Makerie, there she was again.  We had so much fun sharing meals and catching up, and talking about our shared love of California.  

I was so happy for her when she told me she was nearing the finishing point of her first line of fabrics, and eagerly said yes when she asked me to design a project for the look book.  

Fast forward to July, when a stack of fabrics came in the mail for me to work with.   Her debut collection, Tidal Lace, is beautiful.  

It's partly inspired by the beautiful California coast that Kim lives on.  My favorite prints are the sea gems and tide pools, both of which are waiting, just waiting, to be embroidered.  Those sea gems seem to be loudly asking for wheels of blanket stitch, and the star fish seem obviously in need of french knot embellishments, which is just what I did.  

I wonder, what would you do?  Leave a comment telling me which is your favorite, and Windham Fabrics will choose one winner to receive an entire pack of fat quarters.   Lucky you!   The comments will stay open until next Monday, September 29th.

Sep 20, 2014

A little Tennessee SALE!

Welp, I'm off on the road again today.  I'm flying down to Tennessee to teach a week long workshop at Arrowmont.  

Can't wait to meet my students and spend a week making thick layered embroidered drawings.   I love teaching so much, and it's been awhile....

I'll be gone for a week, and since this sampler business sadly doesn't run itself while I'm gone, I thought I'd pass a little discount on to everyone while I'm gone in appreciation of your patience.  The shop will stay OPEN but the orders will be a little delayed.  Please take 20% off from September 21-29 with the code TENNESSEE.   This includes everything.  If you've been thinking of subscribing or gifting subscriptions for the holidays, this sure would be an excellent time to do it.

*Please be sure to enter the coupon code while you're checking out.  I cannot offer retroactive discounts.  Thanks. :)