Online Embroidery Workshops

I love getting out of my tiny little studio in Brooklyn and teaching in person workshops.  It's so much fun to meet everybody and to get to spend time making things.  I love the energy when everyone is in a room (or outside!) drawing and embroidering.  

However! Not everyone can come to those workshops due to locale and a bunch of other factors.  Do you know what else I have loved?  Filming these online workshops with my friends at Creativebug.  Their attention to detail, and their commitment to filming beautiful, helpful, and fun workshops is what sold me on the company.  I hope these workshops help you- the first two are the most popular and they co-ordinate with the two best selling samplers, walking you through each stitch step by step.  The best part? If you don't "get it" right away, I'll show you the french knot over and over (and OVER) again until you've got it right.  My patience is limitless in these videos!  Enjoy......


  1. Iam LOVING your samplers..and your creative bug class is awesome.. I can & do listen over & over. Plan to take all the classes..that advanced one looks pretty scary!! Ha
    Thank you Rebecca......

    1. Thank you, Nanci! The advanced sampler isn't so scary...I think you'll love it!

  2. I'm new to embroidery and have just placed my first order from your Etsy store...once I receive I am signing up for your sampler class...I'm so excited!

  3. Nice samplers ! Thanks for sharing it. The color combination, usage of text, use of different stitches is combined really well. By combination of all these things, it is creating a nice artwork.

  4. I really like the 2nd one which is advance embroidery sampler. You have done a really hard work to bring the design into live. Really appreciate it and keep sharing such good stuffs.