Mar 17, 2014

March Sampler of the Month: Threaded Stitches!

March already?  There's a blooming hyacinth on my kitchen table, so it must be true.   The sampler of the month is Threaded Stitches- perfect for using up your favorite thick threads and embroidery ribbons.  And...I'm happy to report that there's an awesome little extra in everyone's envelope this month as well- a sample of thread from DyedFiber, a Texas based thread dyer named Kathy Leever.   Each order gets a sample of two different color ways of her hand dyed Tencel Perle threads.  They are lovely to work with.  I've been using them on some new samplers I'm cooking up, and I love the way the colors shine.  I'll show you more later this week.

 Instead of choosing from the Flickr pool this month, I wanted to show you my mom's version of the Threaded Stitches sampler, that she worked into a book with all the other samplers.   Each page (er, sampler) is hand quilted and bound into a book that's finished with covers made of fabric that I dyed long ago.

What about you? Do you have plans to turn your samplers into a bigger project? If you stitched along last year, what has become of yours?  Please do leave a link to your work, I'd love to see it!


  1. The sampler book is beautiful! It was such fun to watch your mom work on it at Penland. I'm so glad you posted the finished project. Hope all is well... I am so ready for spring!!

  2. Oh, how amazing it must be to have this book! I'm blown away that your mom has stitched all of your monthly samplers and taken such care to quilt, bind and stitch into such a meaningful book. You're both so blessed. What treasures: you, your mom and the book. Thank you, Rebecca's mom, for inspiring us!

  3. What a beautiful work your mom did! And it's a brilliant idea to bind them together in a book!

  4. That is so special Rebecca! Thank you for sharing.