Nov 11, 2014

I got married!

I'm back from what was the best party I've ever been to- our wedding!  Here are a few little pictures from the evening.  Our wedding was also (suprsingly) featured on the Huffington Post here.

If you've taken one of my workshops, you may have met (or heard me talking about) my good friend Angela Morano who I'm lucky to have as my TA sometimes when I teach.  She's one of the most talented people I know- a milliner based in Chicago.  I hired her to make my veil and sash, and she used my Grandma's dress as the material to create the flowers.      It was my favorite part of my outfit (dress from BHLDN).  *You can hire her too- more info here* Katy's dress was a surprise- we didn't know what the other was wearing until a big reveal on the big day.  I love how it turned out with one of us in black and the other (me!) in white.  More instagram pics here if you're interested.   
What fun. . . . . . .       

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