Jul 30, 2010

Packing for Haystack

I'm leaving first thing tomorrow morning for Maine, where I'll be teaching for the next two weeks at Haystack School of Crafts on Deer Isle.  I am so looking forward to the cool atlantic air.  Here's a photo that I pulled from their flickr pool of what I am looking forward too most....

I can't wait to sit on a rock and look out at the ocean.  But let's face it, I'll be working while I'm there, and just look at these working conditions.  It's pretty rough out there on the island, but I think I'll make it.
I'll try to post directly from Haystack, but I'm not sure how much of an internet connection I'll have.  Talk to you soon!


  1. yea! my sampler arrived to day and my needle is hot! love it and thanks for getting it in the mail so quickly...one question...how many threads did you use to stitch? thanks a bunch!
    sharon at farmandfrufru@yahoo.com

  2. i wish i could be on that island stitching with you!
    i LOVE your work.
    happy work days ahead.