Oct 13, 2010

Sailing away with the Swiss Family Robinson....

At the risk of making it a month between posts, I thought I'd get back on the old horse today.  It's raining outside my studio window. 

The photos I took this morning are moody and dim like the air outside.  I love this kind of day.    I'm working on piles of new beginnings for an upcoming solo show and dreaming of all the fall foods waiting to be made this weekend.

It's been awhile, so some updates are probably in order.  I had an amazing time back at Haystack and felt so lucky to be there with the sole purpose of making my own work.  What a luxury that was.  I spent my time thinking about ships and knots and remembering the pages of a book I had recently revisited --- the Swiss Family Robinson----.  I read it when was a kid and loved it so much, that I spent hours and hours imagining related renovations to my own tree house.   Piles and piles of drawings of how to carve out a trap door, a third floor, and rope ladder based on a ratcheting pully system.  My dad and I looked all these over in the winter months (isn't it fun to PLAN?)   None of these plans were ever materialized, but it wasn't really about that.  Those plans were about dreaming.    
In other news, I am moving to Brooklyn at the end of the year, and spending a lot of time now dreaming about our new home, my new studio, the new organizational systems and nooks and crannies.  I'm relishing the comfort of planning for now, and spending a lot of time on design sponge thinking about where all of my collections are going to go.     I hate packing and moving, but I love unpacking and nesting so much.....

Lastly, and this is a promise, the new sampler will be out by the end of the month....because the only thing to accompany all the chicken soup, applesauce, and overnight oatmeal that I've got planned for the crockpot this weekend has got to be embroidery...please stay tuned.


  1. Good luck on the planning of your move to Brooklyn. I'm looking forward to the new sampler.

  2. Best wishes to you incoming move. I have always like Brooklyn, the mixed of the new and old.

  3. seriously? another new sampler? you spoil us for sure!! I haven't finished the two I just bought last month yet!!

  4. just wanted to let you know that something lovely happened to me today…I found your blog…delightful