Dec 2, 2010

I'm not kidding, Chicago, your thrifts are the BEST!

Not much to show around here these days, as the studio is a flurry of activity and moving piles, but I have been very diligent about getting to the half-price sale every Monday at the local thrift store, and I have not once been disappointed (even this week, when it was really cold and rainy).  Look at this amazing crown!  It was on the back of a zip up jacket.  I don't know what it's story was, but its a hand embroidered royal masterpiece, and I am so excited that its mine.
I'll say this: New York, you seem pretty cool, but you've got a lot to live up to when it comes to thrift shops.  Chicago may be the second city but it really excels in this particular area.  AND, I'll say this:  If any of you know of a list of great thrift stores (not vintage shops) in the New York area, let's just say that I would be happy to buy you lunch or be a friend for life for that kind of information.   Please, do tell. 


  1. My favorite, tried and true thrift store in Manhattan is the Housing Works Yorkville Thrift Shop on Columbus Ave. behind the Amer. Museum of Natural History. There are also a couple of excellent shops on the Upper East Side on Lenox Hill. A perfect day would be to visit one and cross the park to the other(s). And, as every New Yorker (ex or current) knows the best finds can be found at the numerous flea markets that pop up around the city on the weekends!
    Happy Hunting,

  2. wow, thanks, Janeil... I live here and didn't know about those!
    and yes, your awesome mom would be the person to help out with just about anything! give her my best, please.
    and good luck with the move!