Dec 13, 2010

Still more sorting, and I sure do miss my mom.

After all of that power sorting that my mom and dad and I did, I sure did miss them this weekend when I was a one woman power sorter.   I still got everything done on my to do list, but it took a lot longer.  Especially yesterday, when we got the tail end of that Minnesota blizzard here in Chicago.  I took a long walk and enjoyed the quiet way of the snow.  Everyone here in Chicago seems to complain about the weather in winter, but I love it.  I'm from Michigan.  This is my favorite time of year.  
I came in from the cold yesterday and spent the evening sorting still more stuff.  The pincushions, all my photographs, and the rest (non-embroidered) fabric.   I think I'm starting to see the light at the end of the cotton tunnel.

One of the biggest obstacles to cleaning out my studio has been an overwhelming amount of cloth.  I've amassed quite a collection from the bounty of Chicago's thrifts over the decade that I've been here, but I've also amassed quite a bit of stuff that I just can't keep any longer.  It's time to make some room for breathing.  I've been taking bags and bags of it down to SAIC every week to donate, and some things over to the Brown Elephant for donations as well.  A few things have gotten shipped out to friends around the country, and I thought today I would ship something out to one of you....leave a comment if you'd like to be entered to win a box full of scraps.  There's lots of goodness- a piece of an old crazy quilt, some hand printed bits, a part of a quilt I started and abandoned, some African prints.....a shoe box full of scraps.   Leave a comment here and I'll choose someone tomorrow morning by 9:00 CST.   

One more thing....I'm a guest blogger this week over at Jenny Doh's space.  Stop by there to read a bit about my background, as well as a collection of my favorite links....Welcome to Jenny's readers!


  1. Why is is everyone elses scraps are far more interesting than your own?.. I'd love to give your scraps a good home!

  2. Lucky girl to have Mom and Dad to give you a hand.
    Also very lucky to have thrift stores,we have none:(

  3. No thrift stores!!!! That is so sad.

  4. I wish I had your problem of having too many scraps!! I would be more than happy to take them off your hands. Thank you for the chance Rebecca!

  5. I agree with the other commenters! Others scraps are wonderful and I also have little to no thrift stores that have good treasures! Sounds like you are really organizing - you are an inspiration! I enjoyed reading about you on Crescendoh! And I'm really liking the sampler I ordered from you! Jamie V in MT

  6. oh, wow!! it looks like i found your gorgeous blog just in time! wonder why that is that other's stuff is always so much cooler than our own?? but sooo true!
    good luck with the move! sounds very exciting!
    hope everything goes smoothly!

  7. WOW-you are certainly busy cleaning and getting ready for your move. I would love too help you out with your scrap collection. I am a quilter and embroiderer-I have not exactly found my nitch, but I love hand work-so scraps are up my alley! And thrift store-I think they are the real hobby!
    Take Care and be good to yourself during the big move.

  8. Have never met you in person, but love the idea of you nearby.(I'm also in Chicago area) Gonna miss you when you move. Wishing you the best of everything on your new adventure! Janey

  9. I just passed on a bunch of my scraps in a gift exchange and would love to have more to replenish my stash. Good luck with your transition.

  10. destashing....what bittersweet fun!
    just think of all of the happy people who will find your donated treasures!
    blessings on your new adventure!

  11. I have only recently found your blog and am so fascinated to watch you sort out your stuff. I think It would be just as huge a challenge for me if I tried but as I always say, we NEED it all!!