Jul 28, 2011

New Library, New Pictures, and More.....

If you've been reading for a while, you might remember my post about one of my favorite places in Chicago, the Image Files at the Harold Washington Library.  What a treasure!  I recently discovered a similar collection here in New York, right across the street from the main branch of the New York Public Library.  I've been there a lot lately, pouring over lots of different things, researching this that and the other thing for a new body of work (more on that later).
This week I discovered something new; the postcard collection!  A wall of tiny little drawers, like card catalogs but a little bigger, lined up with categorically organized postcards.  It's a real dream come true. Take this anchor for example.  Amazing!  Embossed and beautiful and entirely original, with its senders birthday inscription still there after all these years.  What a collection.  I'm always drawn to sorting through the postcards at antique shops, but I've never seen so many (tens of thousands!) in one place.  A whole separate collection of holiday themed cards is housed elsewhere.  I left that treasure (Hello, my Sweet Valentine!) for another rainy or miserably hot day.    Thanks New York, for continually knocking my socks off. Even in sandal season.

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