Feb 9, 2012

New Work- Sneak Peek: YELLOW!

This piece (still a work in progress, and with a title forthcoming)  is so close to being finished...


  1. To me everything yellow is like a renewal----happy and beautiful. Like I am sure your piece will be

  2. Yay! So happy to discover your work and your blog, amazing! My recent obsession has been painting with fabric and I just started refreshing my embroidery skills from college. Such an inspiration :)

    The pink piece in the post below, WOW

  3. that is exactly what I want to see in textiles, love it, keep the good work..

  4. Your work is fantastic. The colors and your stitch work are stellar.

    I had been feeling so uninspired lately, but then I stumbled across your blog, and I feel so different now! Your work is totally inspiring and was just the sort of visual stimulation to get back to creating. Thanks!... And, great work!

  5. What a welcome sight for my winter-weary eyes!
    Wish I could reach out and touch it! Soul satisfying.