Apr 30, 2012

Name That Thread....

Here's a question for the internet.  A friend of mine gave me two sets of this thread last fall, then I bought a few more colors this Spring at a little shop in Michigan.  Now that I'm back, I've been using it to stitch up one of the new sampler designs (it will debut at Squam) and I'd love to be able to buy more.

It's made by DMC, but isn't on their website.  Here are the facts: It's cotton (even though I've been winding it on used wool cards.)  It's thick and the label says it's for tapestry.   It's really soft and easy to use.  Please leave a comment if you've got any ideas what it might be called and if you know where to buy it, please do tell!

**Thank you, Laura!  That's it!  Here's the link that Laura found for "Retors Mat" Art 89 Needlework Thread at Lacis, in Berkeley.  Anybody know where to buy it on the East Coast?


  1. did you try Lacis in Berkely, California?
    this looks similar:
    Dmc "Retors Mat" Art 89 Needlework Thread Color Card
    A heavy soft cotton Needlepoint/Tapestry cotton available in 285 colors. 11 yds. (DN84) $1.20

  2. Velona ( http://www.velona.com/items/yarns/dmc/ ) in Anaheim says that DMC has discontinued Art 89; sounds like the race is on to build a stash!

  3. oh wow I just love looking at that stitching. I'll keep my eyes open and if I see any I'll scoop it up for you.