May 3, 2012

Fat Quarters Uncovered.....

This week I've been spending my time cleaning out the studio, getting materials and ideas ready for a slew of travel and upcoming workshops.  I'm making needle holders for the Squam art sale, and digging through piles of fabric to use for those and for backing fabrics for several upcoming sampler workshops.  If there's a neat and tidy and above all lasting system for organizing fabric, I'd love to hear about it.   In the studio here in Brooklyn, space is at a premium, and like most people in New York, in order to fit it all in, I utilize the practice of stacking. No where to go but up.
In sorting through all these piles and stacks, I found a box full of fat quarters, printed two years ago for my very first Squam, for my very first Squam sale.   I printed these back in Chicago, from a collection of vintage images.  The buttons are by far my favorites, but I've got a enough to part with some of them and a few others, and after a trip to the roof to photograph them, they are now listed in the shop.    They are all limited editions, I don't have the screens anymore, if you like them, this is it.

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