Aug 4, 2012

Best Mom Ever.....

I don't know if I ever told you before, dear reader, what an awesome mom I have. *  Behind every single one of my samplers, is an amazing sampler tester, someone who stitches every one of these designs until it's finished.  Spoiler Alert: It's not me.  I have started and gotten most of the way through all of the samplers, and photographed them partially finished for the shop (to show you the possibilities), but do you know who stitches them all to perfection?  It's my MOM!  I am forever grateful.  When I was visiting her in Michigan in July, she busted out the love sampler, fresh out of her hoop and finished in reds and purples.  It's a really different color scheme from the one I started, which is the other reason I am so grateful for my mom.  Often times when I teach sampler based workshops, it's great to have two different examples because you know what?  Not everybody loves my colors!  Some people really like my mom's.....
Thanks, Mom.  I'm so glad you're on my team.

*I just remember that, yes, I did tell you about my mom's awesomeness, and that several of you wrote in to ask if she hires out!  You can't have her, she's mine!


  1. That is so pretty!! Your mom did a great job!!

  2. I can vouch for your mom's awesomness-she's pretty darn cool!