Aug 2, 2012

Love letter to my SAIC class....

After a month of teaching in Chicago, which was a total delight, I'm back in the borough of Brooklyn. A group of Hare Krishna's greeted me first thing Monday morning on the way to the gym and it seemed just perfect; the loud chaos of New York smacked me right in the face, but to see them dancing down the sidewalk put a smile on my face.

Thank you thank you thank you, to all the students who signed up for and took my Maximalist Embroidery class at SAIC.  It was so great to meet you all, and to Sydney and Lisa who came back to hang out and embroider this summer- big big hugs.  You guys are welcome here at Chez Ringquist anytime.  I've been loving editing the details from everybody's final projects.  You guys really hit it out of the ball park last week.


  1. I love these pieces! Can you expound a little on what "maximalist embroidery" is? I am intrigued.

  2. your paintings, um sewings, are brilliant