Oct 28, 2012

Final Teaching Trip of the Year? Done......

This Year!  It's been a whirlwind of travel, and I am so excited to say that although I have had so many fun adventures and met so many amazing people, I am really looking forward to being at home for awhile.  My studio, while clean, has been suffering from neglect, and I've got a zillion and one projects waiting for me on my desk.  With workshops in (from January- October) Michigan, Rhinebeck, California, New Hampshire, California, Chicago, Tennessee, Maine, Maine, New York City, and California (did I forget any?), I'm interested in where the next year will take me.
As I sat at the Ferry Building on Friday before my red-eye, I spent some time thinking about the year over mussels and pinot noir.  I thought I'd share some highlights and offer some travel tips.  First, the highlights:

  • Sitting by the fire-pit and watching a dark ritual unfold at Ox-Bow in January.
  • Meeting a team of amazing people and getting to work with them at Creativebug all year.  You guys make me look good, and I'm so glad to have me you....
  • Plunking down deep into the Atlantic in my all together with other artists at Haystack.
  • Watching the sun come up as the lobster boats headed out a month later at Open Door.
  • Watching new to drawing artists dive in and make beautiful work at Arrowmont.
  • Getting my packing routine down to a science after a year of doing it over and over (more on that tomorrow!)
  • Taking part in my third Squam- and digging in deep around the fire with Jill and Cal.....
  • Sitting in a hot tub with my best friends high above the Pacific Ocean at Pigeon Point Lighthouse.  (Seriously, if you're going to California, book this hostel, you won't regret it!)
  • Mussels and Pinot Noir at Hog Island Oyster Bar in the Ferry Building, San Francisco.  Not to mention bbq oysters at your Bodega Bay location earlier this year....
To everyone who took my workshops and classes this year- Thank You!  I am so glad to have met every single one of you.  To the schools and shops that hosted me- Thank You!  I'm not sure if this year will go down in history as most trips made, but it sure has been the most to date.  I've had a great time, and I'm so grateful to all of you for making it happen.  

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