Nov 10, 2012

Casey's Rubber Stamps....

I dropped off a few images to have made into stamps yesterday at Casey's.  I love that store so much.  It's a tiny little New York shop in the East Village lined floor to ceiling with vintage stamps.  Outside is a little table with a giant stamp pad and a basket full of stamps for passersby to play with.  I always bring my sketchbook so I can load up on lots of images on my way home.  Each stamp is marked on the wooden handle "Bad Luck to you who Steals me...."  All I take are the stampings, not the stamps, I promise.   Look who I met up with there yesterday- west coast Courtney!  Hooray for cross country friends being in New York!


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    1. You too, C.C. Can't wait until you're back- or I'm back- let's get the band back together!