Dec 4, 2012

See you in Soho......

Tomorrow, I'll be in Soho, making art in the window space at Etsy's Pop-Up Holiday Shop.  I spent a long time going around in circles about what exactly I would do there, and came up with a plan I think will look great.  It will be a portrait of Mary Oliver, and a take off on this sampler.  Part of executing that plan involved going to Purl Soho and buying a giant pile of beautiful prints, which was so far my favorite part.   Isn't pattern fun?
If you're in New York, and inclined to come by and say hello, please do!  I'd love to see you.  Beware that you might find yourself with a needle and thread in hand, suddenly wrapped up in stitching.  I will put you to work!  Pack a thimble!  (PS- if you really do want to help, come after lunch when the glue will be dry)

Stay tuned to my instagram feed (or facebook) for updates throughout the day tomorrow.  You can find me as dropcloth in both places....

On a different note- Thank you!  Thank you thank you to all of you who have signed up for Sampler Subscriptions, and thank you for those of you who are signing up for Thursday's giveaway!  If you haven't thrown your name into the hate, please do!  You've got two more days, and if you've already signed up, remember, that there are three ways to do so!  Add a pinterest re-pin or a link to your work in progress on Flickr to up your chances!  Katy and I will draw a name Thursday night.  Good luck!  That's a lot of exclamation points!  Can you tell I am excited?

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