Jul 17, 2013

July Sampler of the Month: Chain Stitches

Hello there.....  As you might know, each month I send out a different thematic sampler to subscribers.  This month, I decided to put an end to the paper newsletter that I had been including in each order.  It seemed like a lot of paper, and  I wanted to be able to include links, photos, and in general a lot more information than I could include in the small page that I had been printing. So, welcome to the new newsletter!

This month, we're working on chain stitches.   The sampler includes a few different varieties, including the two color, or checkered chain stitch.   That one takes a long time, but I think the color change is worth it.  You could even get fancy and make it a three color stitch!

I spent fifteen years doing the chain stitch one way, only to be inspired by this tutorial to try it out a little differently.  It changed me!  I think you'll like it.

If you've been a subscriber since (at least) last month, you will have had a chance to try out the Flower Thread that went out with everyone's samplers in June.  I love this thin cotton thread, and I'm excited that I've got a pack of four colors to send to one blog reader.  Subscribers have multiple ways to enter, but even non-subscribers are eligible.  To enter, leave a comment here, and/or post a photo of any one of your monthly samplers as a work in progress (or a finished product if you're speedy) on either flickr, pinterest, or instagram.  Be sure to leave each one as a separate comment with a link so we can see your work.   Use the hashtag #dropclothsamplers so we can find it easily elsewhere.   

I'll leave the contest open until July 25th to give everybody time to get organized with photos and instagrams.  

PS- If you're reading this and wanting to join in the fun, I've got a few extra samplers this month.  In general the cutoff date to get the current month's sampler is the fifteenth of the month, but I'll happily mail out chain stitch samplers this month (while they last) to new subscribers.  

****I am a little behind the times- Sherrie- you're the winner!  I'm e-mailing you now....


  1. I'm a new subscriber so I didn't receive the Flower Thread last month. I'd love a chance to win some in this contest. Thanks!

  2. I am also a new subscriber and have received the sampler to learn a new hobby. I am so excited to start!! Cindy (scgil2@aol.com)

  3. That tutorial is life-changing! Thanks for the link!!!

  4. I'm loving my samplers, but now -- taking photos, I guess I'll have to admit to the fact that none are quite done!!! oops!!! Maybe THIS is the incentive to put the knitting needles down for awhile!!!!

    (I was sort of excited to see Ginny Thompson is still in business....I used to cross-stitch store samples for her eons ago!!!!!)

  5. Loving the samplers, but just haven't had time to get any of them started. But keep 'em coming!

  6. How exciting! Thank you for the opportunity to try the flower thread. I just subscribed last night to the sampler series and can't wait to receive it!

  7. Rebecca, I didn't get the email, but I did get the thread today. Thanks so much! It's great and I can't wait to try it out. Perhaps on the August sampler.....