Jan 16, 2014

From the archives, aka the studio cleanout....

Back in December, when I was getting the studio ready for it's big moment, aka the book's photo shoot, I unearthed a tin full of discontinued samplers.  Cake and Chain stitch samplers that had been printed on all sorts of different fabrics.  I was excited, because I honestly thought these were all gone.  Like bad pennies, more had come returned.  I posted a photo on instagram and lots of people got excited, and honestly, I wanted to list them in the shop that very day.  But! I had a book to write, people!  Yesterday I got them all out again and pressed them and counted them and ready to be listed them in the shop and gave a shout out on facebook and instagram. This is an official shout out, too.  They will be for sale today, at noon est.  There are two different designs in a handful of colors and prints.  At the risk of sounding like the boy who cried wolf, this is it, these are all she wrote. 

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