Mar 20, 2014

Five Things New York...

1.) Chinatown sidewalk markets, with hot pink fruits (vegetables?)

2.) Year round farmer's markets, but especially SPRING farmers markets, that bring pansies, and hyacinths, and tulips and daffodils to us by the great big tables full.  The hyacinth I bought last weekend can be smelled from all the way outside our apartment.  The essence of Spring. I love it.

3.) Events like the one I attended last night for Bibliocraft, where I saw so many friends and got to meet some new ones.

4.) The promise of Cherry Blossoms, soon....

5.) My favorite egg salad sandwich at the Brooklyn Larder.  


  1. Those are called "Pitahaya" or "Dragonfruit" and they are even more beautiful on the inside , white with black polka dots !