Apr 28, 2014

Winners Winners, Chicken Dinners!

Thank you so much to everyone that commented and pinned last week! I am happy to report that I've picked two winners via random.org, numbers  84 and 16.  I just e-mailed you two- can't wait to mail out your winnings!  And, for the first time ever, I chose those winners without having to painstakingly count by hand!  Hooray for google giving me a little help with html code- and hooray for numbered comments! My life just improved a little!

A few of you asked about the scissors in the photos. Aren't they cool?  They were a gift from a student of mine at Arrowmont a few summers ago- an artist who you'd probably love named Suzanne Andersen.  When I received them they still had the price tag, which was old and tattered and illegible attached, and they were wicked sharp.  I've since used them A LOT, and they aren't quite so sharp, but still my favorite pair.  I'm hoping the knife sharpening truck comes to Gowanus and parks outside the studio (fat chance) so I can get them sharpened.    Anyway, I found a similar pair on etsy.   Here's another on e-bay.  What about you, do you have a fancy pair of vintage scissors?  Share a link or description in the (numbered!) comments.


  1. i use Gingher embroidery scissors. i love them. i wonder how they compare to yours Rebecca?

    1. I have some Gingher shears, but my embroidery scissors are all Fiskars, save for this vintage pair. Are yours birds?

    2. i have never seen Gingher bird scissors! are there?!?!

  2. Thanks so much! I started sewing this weekend. Yay!