Jul 12, 2010

Printing Process

I spent yesterday morning printing up a new batch of samplers, which I'll ship out to all of you who have ordered later this afternoon.  This set samplers is printed in crisp white with black ink.   Here they are looking dapper on the print tables.  All that is left to do is iron these and pop them into evelopes to mail around the country.  Start threading those needles!


  1. You can bet I'll be watching for the mailman now that I know mine is in the mail! I'm really good at starting a project, but not so good at finishing them. I'm hoping the flickr group will give me the incentive to stay on track. That and knowing you are busy creating the next one already! Hmmm, I wonder how far Chicago is from Oregon by mail...

  2. Glad you started a blog! I bought two from you and will start mine soon. One I bought was for a girlfriend to learn to embroider. Se is really excited! Can't wait to see what new designs you will eventually have! :) ~Shelley O.