Oct 28, 2010

It's Here!

The cold weather arrived suddenly today.  I walked to the train this morning and it was crisp, and I walked outside at lunch and it was freezing cold!   I suppose winter is coming along, and it made me think of all the trick or treater's whose mother's will ask them to wear coats over their carefully planned outfits.  It was almost 80 degrees here on Monday...so strange to see people in winter coats on my train ride home.  But I digress....
Just in time for the cold weather, the new sampler is here today to keep you busy next to your fire (or radiator as the case may be).   This is the first in a series of samplers based on specific stitches, and I'm kicking things off with the chains.  You'll find lots of variety, including lots of lazy daisy's and some real daisies to backstitch when you just can't handle the monotony of chain stitches any longer.  I printed this one on four different fabrics this time, and all of them are available now in limited quantities (some more than others) over at the shop.   I hope you like it!
And now, announcing the winner from yesterday's contest.  Firstly- whoa!  What a lot of suggestions, people!  I am so looking forward to looking around for all those books!  I'll try to get around to compiling all of them into a pdf for everyone soon.   From all the comments entered yesterday and today, I randomly selected Sam Hall as the winner. Sam Hall, you'd better be e-mailing me your address!   But everyone else wait!  Another winner will be drawn at random next Wednesday (November 3rd) when I'm back from a little break.....just join me as a follower of this blog to be entered, and leave a comment on this post letting me know (if you're already here, let me know!).  The comments will stay open until next Wednesday at Noon, EST.    Good luck!

**********Shane X  You are the winner!  Please e-mail me your mailing address and I'll quickly send you the new sampler in Aqua or Daisy- let me know your preference ASAP.  Congrats!***
*****P.S. I still haven't heard from Sam Hall, so please contact me if you're out there!*********


  1. woooo-hoooo love a chance at a giveaway...currently working on your 2010 sampler and having a ball...i am already a follower...slpstanley...thanks!

  2. Oh, wow. Can't wait to work on one of these! I am really enjoying the last one I purchased! Hopefully I'll get that done before the new one! It would be great to win! I am a follower! Jamie V in MT

  3. I am so excited about the third sampler-I cannot decide which one to buy-there are two I love! I will have to narrow it down to one though!


  4. oooh, I am picking this one up! Love. I just started following! Thanks!

  5. oh, I adore this new sampler. I'm only about halfway finished with the first one- it's so fun! Thank you so much ♥

  6. I'm a follower!!!!

    Crafting by Candlelight

    bibanon1 [at] gmail.com

  7. Hi Rebecca
    I'm a follower too!

    The chain sampler is lovely too and with the print backgrounds makes for a very modern twist!
    Please come and visit me Rebecca and I'll get out my prettiest teacups and make you very welcome!
    Shane x

  8. Thanks for the giveaway I added as a follower