Nov 9, 2010


One of the coolest and strangest things about making all these printed samplers has been seeing them appear and transform around the internet on a variety of different blogs and forums.   I'm grateful for all of your support and inspired by what you've made of these humble screen-prints.  I was so excited to see my internet friend, Pam Garrison's embroidered sampler at the center of an enormous pile of her beautiful work.  I'm not sure when she found the time to eat this summer based on this gargantuan project.   You must see for yourself how this pile of needlework was transformed.  There at the center is one of the original samplers, and here you can see it in it's infancy. In addition to all of Pam's amazing stitch collages, you've got to stop long enough at her blog to check out her incredible drawings, which have been inspiring me to stay glued to my studio seat a bit longer these days.  Some photos of my own drawings will be up later this week....


  1. Hiya Rebecca! You are so sweet. Over here I throw you under the bus when my family complains about this never ending were the inspiration after all :). And I always find time to eat...clean? now that can wait...i love your work and drawings and want to see more more more...please?

  2. I found my way here from Pam's blog and I've been looking through your artwork at the homepage. Such amazing cool and wonderful work you create. Love all of them! I'm bookmarking your blog for sure. :-)

  3. you have inspired a whole bunch of us and I love what Pam made with all her stitchiness! hope you get to meet her some day.... maybe when I get her to come to Brooklyn!