Jan 26, 2011

Oh Julia......

 One of my favorite things about our new apartment is the kitchen.   It's the nicest one I've ever had, and so far, it is a pleasure to cook in.   We've got great countertops (and lots of s-p-a-c-e!) but my favorite thing about the room is this......
Katy made this for me for a Christmas surprise and I am head over heels in love  (with it and with her ; ).    Casually, long ago, I think I mentioned to her that my dream kitchen would have a pegboard like Julia Child's, and apparently she was taking notes, because here it is!  Right down to the color of the boards.  I'm a lucky lady.
My new favorite Le Creuset trivet- thanks Helen!
What I love most is that the pegboards are so flexible.  Maybe one day this spring my collection on vintage crocheted pot holders will take center stage in our kitchen gallery, or come summer my huge pile of souvenir plates will take flight.  You never know what might happen! 


  1. I'm a relatively new reader and I just wanted to pipe up to say that those are some fantastic looking pegboards you have there. Love the homage to Julia Child.

  2. As the say, what is old is new again. My Mom had peg boards just like these, same color and all! Such a great memory of her and our kitchen.

  3. I could be wrong, and maybe the movie added this, but I remember Meryl/Julia's pegboard having outlines of the tools. Which would mess with the flexibility. This is gorgeous.

    1. You are right, Paul Child, (Julia's husband) painted outlines on the pegboards he made for his wife to help insure that items returned to their proper places so that Julia was always able to find what she needed immediately. Flexibility is important, but so is Predictability. I compromise between the two by using sidewalk chalk in a contrasting color to outline my stuff.

  4. You collect souvenir plates, thought I was the only one! I have a whole bunch waiting to be hung up. Hope you'll have a display to share.

  5. Get out of here! I was just watching an old Julia Child show on master chefs and told my husband I want to hang my pots all around the kitchen so they are accessible like hers. I didn't notice the peg boards though. I love how organized you are already. Looks so homey :)

  6. Hi Rebecca,
    I love your peg boards! They look so great.
    I just finished reading My life in France by Julia Child. I loved it.
    My sister gave it to me for Christmas after I talked about how much I loved the movie Julie/Julia. I also have Julie's version of the book, that I still need to read. But, I love France....so, I thought I'd start w/ Julia Child's book. I plan to blog about sometime in the future.

    p.s. My three year old's name is Rebecca and she is also a cancer...born June 21. :)

  7. Okay... so if I get the pegboard, will I become a better cook? ;) heheheh ;) Looks fantastic!

  8. happy to see you getting so settled in your new digs! love the pegboards and studio space- just as is.

  9. Oh yes, K. I am nothing if not meticulously organized. If you don't believe me, see previous post about my studio. I'm a regular neatfreak.