Mar 17, 2011

Drawing Stitching

As I mentioned earlier, I have been spending most of my days sitting in the studio embroidering line after line after line on a pile of pieces.  It's exciting to see it all coming together, and it has been such a treat to have an uninterrupted amount of time to work with.   However, there are only so many days that I can do the same thing in a row, so I took a break on Monday to start to get ready for some summer workshops and drew three new samplers.
Because I no longer have such easy access to a screen-printing studio, I am changing my printing process a bit, which is exciting because it frees me up to work with more than one color.  I think these new samplers are truer to the way that I draw in my sketchbooks; layered and textured.
One of the most fun things about making these was breaking into my huge stash of zipatone letters, found years ago at a thrift store in Iowa City.  I think I paid about two dollars for four huge boxes.   I sure do miss those mid-west thrifts.....
While two of these samplers are for upcoming workshops at Squam- one will be up for sale here in a month or so for anyone who is interested.   Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of that one in progress.....


  1. Constance Howard...fantastic inspiration!

  2. I remember those rub-on letters. We called them tac-type, which may have been a brand name. I love to see that embroidery is coming back. I've inherited a lot of my mom's, grandmother's and great-grandmother's hand-embroidered linens, and I just love them.