Jun 23, 2011

Five Things I'm Loving in NYC Right Now

 1.) The Kelvin Slush Truck.  Just the other day I said to Katy, "wouldn't it be amazing if there were a place to get slushies that weren't too sweet, and were just natural ingredients or even just cold frozen tea? " All of a sudden, yesterday, I'm walking down the street and whammo!  There it was!  Thanks, Kelvin!

2.) The New York Public Library.  The top floor reading room is my favorite place to get office work done.  It's cold, peaceful, and best of all quiet.  Even in Brooklyn, quiet places are few and far between, and sometimes it's worth the train ride to Manhattan just to work in cool silence.

3.) The Brooklyn Farmer's Market.  Who knew that New York was so far ahead of Michigan/Illinois' growing season?  Not me.  So, you can imagine my look of excited shock to find raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries all waiting for me on Saturday at Grand Army Plaza.  My friends in the Midwest (K!) will be happy to know that our chest freezer is officially plugged in, and we've started refilling it with Jersey fruits. 

4.) The view from my studio window.  While the view from our front windows is all Brooklyn- loud buses, kids playing on the street until midnight, neighbors blasting Motown all day Sunday from their parked motorcycles (please, please stop!), the view from the back of our house is completely different.  Out there are five story tall Catalpa and Maple trees, cardinals, woodpeckers, and a tiny little pond filled with fish. 

5.) Uncle Louie G's Italian Ice Stand, and the sweet lady who handed me the list of non dairy ices on Sunday.


  1. I seem to recall the most divine farmers' market in amagansett. I just made my first blueberry pie although they were not local (or even Michigan) blubes. We should have fat juicy blackberries all over the place soon. I just found out you can take a bag of dried beans and cook them then freeze them in freezer baggies for quick soup makin' (or whatever). Cheap and easy. I just think Brooklyn sounds like the best place ever. I'm afraid to visit because maybe I won't leave. xoxo

  2. I have been making tons of beans and freezing them in the chest for when it's really REALLY hot out. It works really well for black beans and garbanzos. Come and visit K!

  3. ok, the slushie truck is awesome. please someone bring a natural slushie truck to santa monica!!