Jan 4, 2012

Favorite Things: Golden Nature Books

A lot of MAD visitors ask me about my inspiration. Where do I get all my ideas and images? My response is that I make a lot of drawings. When ever I teach a workshop that's longer than an afternoon, a big component is always drawing. I probably make a hundred ho hum drawings for every one that is really good. It's a warm up exercise, like those stretches that I'm supposed to do before working out (I'm much better about drawing!)  I also do a lot of writing, and a lot of jotting down of quick thoughts before they float out of my brain forever.   I try to always have a sketchbook nearby, but sometimes I write on any old piece of paper and glue it into the book later.  Good thing I'm into that layered look!
Like most people, I don't inherently know how to draw a lot of things, so I have a ton of resources that I look at and draw from. Some of my favorites are the Golden Nature books. They fit in my hand just so, and I love the drawings....the bird books are my favorites, especially the one that has my Grandma's notes in the margins.  The best part of these vintage copies is that when I open them up, they smell just like the cottage I grew up going to.  


  1. One good drawing for every 100 is about my batting average, too!

    I love how some letters have faded on the spine of the insect book, so that it appears to say NSECT ESTS.

  2. very cool blog. just found it. love the brilliant colors in the header photo. happy new year!