Jan 24, 2012

Poppies for Sale!

A long while ago (in grad school!) I printed yards and yards of these poppies for a bigger project.   I've been carrying all of it and the screen I printed it with around ever since.

In a New Year effort to get rid of a lot of excess stuff (for a laugh, see previous post), I cut it up and packed it up with a lot of other printed and vintage fabric scraps and listed all of it over in the shop. Each set includes a big piece of the poppies, printed on cotton flannel, as well as lots of other goodies.   They're all packed up with pink ribbons and heart shaped tags for Valentine's Day.


  1. oh crap I'm going to have to get one of these. you know I love poppies so, so much and you know I love your art and, well crap. I guess I'll head over there and get one! I'm making myself a colorful cotton skirt to wear this summer out and about in Kentucky. love love love

  2. K! One of these days, I will make it to Kentucky, or you to New York (!) Miss you!

  3. Set one aside for me, RR! I want!!