Apr 18, 2012

Creative Re-Use

It took me a half hour to calm down enough to search for what I was looking for in here. I was so excited to be rummaging. This place is too good to be true. I've gotta say, California is pretty cool.

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  1. You are having workshops in the coolest places Rebecca. I wish we lived close enough to have an afternoon of canning together and I'm glad you got some of the first strawberries of the season. We just planted a row of raspberries and I'm hoping to plant some of these blackberry bushes that grow wild here in Kentucky--big, big-ass blackberries but sometimes scary spiders hang out in the bushes. Well, I'm going through my scrap fabric today to donate some of it to an art center in Indiana that works with adult special needs participants...it's either that or end up on hoarders.
    Love K.