Jun 15, 2012

Not much of anything....

While you are reading this, I am miles above the countryside, making my way westward to California to teach some more workshops and hang out with my best friends.  Spending the day in an airplane is not my favorite way to spend a Friday, but I can't complain about a day that brings me to my best friend's kitchen table.    As I was packing up last night I found this video shot last Friday at Squam, by my friend Jen.  Or was it Saturday?  It's not much of anything, and that's what made that afternoon so great.  We sat on the dock and watched the loons diving up and down.  Someone was knitting, Cal was finishing a dress.  Later that day Jen and I went swimming and practiced our synchronized swimming routine until we couldn't stop ignoring our chattering teeth and blue fingers.  It was a really great day.

just one of the things i love about Squam. from jen gray on Vimeo.

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