Jun 14, 2012

Stopping Everything for Strawberries....

In the midst of a crazy day of packing, I had to go to my "job" at the co-op here in Brooklyn.  I always have a great time talking about food and food and food with my shift-mates.  Everybody had a different restaurant tip for Berkeley, so many that I made a little list when I got home so I don't miss any next week (please do add your own favorite Berkeley/San Francisco tips in the comments).
On the way out the door, after gathering up my favorite airplane snacks, I noticed a big cart full of strawberries.  For fifteen dollars, a flat of organic strawberries!  That's a price I certainly have never seen in Brooklyn, home of the five dollar quart.  So, after a slow walk home with a friendly walker, two flats are slowly working their way into the freezers for a winter's worth of smoothies.   I have other things to do today to be sure, but those berries were too good to leave where they were.
Here, a new kitchen friend from my new Brooklyn friend and Squam roommate, the amazing Ann Wood....

P.S. I'm still mailing out the new samplers, please use code Squam2012 for free shipping through June.


  1. Mmm, those berries certainly look good enough to drop everything for!

    Love Ann's little bird. It looks right at home in its ladle.

  2. Love your new kitchen friend!! How cute!
    If you are in SF, head to Contigo. Friends own it and not only are they super nice, the staff is but the food is all locally sourced and all the tapas made fresh daily.
    Loved meeting you at Squam Rebecca. Such fun fun time...crafty you :)
    Safe travels!

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  4. Don't miss Corso in Berkeley on Shattuck Ave. Great Italian Trattoria, owned by chef who also runs Rivoli on Solano Ave, Albany/Berkeley line.

    June 15, 2012 9:43 PM