Sep 18, 2012

Vote for Jill.........

I feel really lucky to have met so many great artists in the relatively short time that I've lived in New York.  One of the ways I've met friends around here is through Squam Art Workshops, where I met  Jill Draper. Jill is living the life up north of here in the Hudson Valley, hand dyeing yarn for her company Jill Draper Makes Stuff.  As the happy owner of one of her scarfs (that my mom knit for me with Jill's yarn), I can say that the yarn is amazingly soft and beautiful.  It will be a regular in my fall wardrobe this year for sure.   This one, which you can learn how to make starting today on Creativebug, is what I'm hoping my mom makes next.....(hint, hint!)
All this is to tell you that Jill is a finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards competition, and she could sure use your vote.  The award is a big one, and would make a huge difference for her.   Please vote- and if you're like me and you have multiple e-mail addresses, please vote often!   Voting is easy and does not require you to sign up for any annoying junk mail.  Vote for Jill!  Thanks!

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