Oct 1, 2012


There's a lot of gathering going on here in the studio lately.  I'm researching a bunch of upcoming projects.  That doesn't always result in a lot of pictures to show here on the blog, but this weekend, some more tangible gathering happened.
Katy and I drove north to the Hudson Valley in search of apples, and picked......raspberries!  The price per pound for u-pick apples was expensive.  Way more than we would pay at our local co-op.  But, the raspberries were hard to resist, so we picked a few small boxes.  Enough to make the world's best hot oatmeal for two or three days.  October's here!


  1. yum! they look delicious. apples in the Bluegrass are expensive this year too. I got a whole bunch of honeycrisps with little pocks on them for cheap. Once I skinned them they were good.

  2. K- Those apples sound perfect for applesauce!
    I made a new kind last year with prunes and vanilla bean. It was so good....