Apr 2, 2013

Color Wheel Debut......

To know me is to know that I like a lot of color.  In my kitchen cupboards are piles of Fiestaware.  When my friend asked what colors I had, I just looked at him blankly.  All the colors..... I have all of them!  I've never been one to shy away from bright, saturated things, which is why, as I've been re-evaluating my sampler buisness, it seemed strange that for the most part, the samplers themselves are black and white.  They get filled in with a lot of color (or not, check out this amazing grey version) but on their own, there hasn't been a lot of color.  It's a goal of mine for this year to begin phasing in more color, and this first one is a lot like my kitchen cupboard- it features all the colors....
Inspired by the color wheel, and by my love of all things full spectrum, this one features twelve stitches (all but one of them are included in this Creativebug workshop.)

Come back tomorrow for a chance to win your own copy as well as a handful of Dyedfiber threads to stitch with.......


  1. I love what you do, it's great.
    You should have many more comments on your blog...and I'm sure you will. Your art rocks.

  2. Fantastic! I'm going to make one.

  3. I clicked through from Make(??) maybe and loved your sampler so much I bought one to stitch myself. I love colours, I hold colours in my mind. My favourite colour is green!!! Thanks for the lovely sampler.

  4. Wow, so beautiful. I pinned it on Pinterest. So wonderful and inspriational.


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