Aug 13, 2013

August Sampler of the Month: Satin Stitches.....

Some of you may have already opened your mailboxes to find the newest sampler.  I flew to California yesterday, so I had to get the monthly samplers out to you all a little early.  Surprise!  This month, we're diving into satin stitches.  Before you groan and reach for your thickest thread to finish this one quickly, look around your embroidery basket and grab a few different threads.  Even though it will take longer, the satin stitch really does look beautiful with a thinner thread.  I dare say it would look even more beautiful with a silk thread- for a really satin effect.  

While I'm here in Berkeley I'm excited to visit Lacis and check out their always incredile selection of embroidery threads.  I wonder, how did you all like using the flower thread that went out in June's envelopes?  Do you have another favorite thread?  Leave a comment with your favorite thread below- I'd love to hear from you!

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