Aug 13, 2013

Workshop Love and Travel Requests.....

First, let me say that I genuinely love teaching workshops.  I love meeting new people, and I love the collective energy that happens when fifteen or so people gather to make new things. Second, let me say that it was a true delight to TAKE a workshop for a change and not be in charge for the night.  I had so much fun in Courntey Cerruti's Image Transfer Workshop last night at the San Francisco Center for the Book.  My friend Jackie and I took it together.  The results were a blast!  We learned a whole bunch of different ways of transferring, many of which I had watched in Courtney's Creativebug class but had not tried.  I highly recommend taking one of her workshops if you're in the Bay area.  I'm of course biased since I admit she is my friend, but I think she is a really great teacher.

In other news- I'm in Califorrnia!  For a week!  I'll be working remotely on a bunch of projects while I'm here, and teaching at A Verb for Keeping Warm (are you coming?!) but I've also got a little time to spare for sight seeing and eating.  I would love your recommendations.  I love donuts, and I can't wait to go to Pepple's.  Where else should I go?  What would you not want to miss?

PS- I'm stopping back in to say that Courtney's book is coming out this fall!   You can pre-order it here.  I can't wait until my copy arrives.....


  1. i've said it before and i'll say it again: Pie Fridays!!! actually, there is also a pie cafe in the Mission that had really good pot pies... ok, apparently all i think about is pie.

  2. Hi Rebecca - you can't miss Doughnut Dolly in the Temescal Alley (49th Street in Oakland) - check out her web site for the story behind her yummy doughnuts (www.doughnutdolly....)
    It's a tiny shop in a fun area of our city and well worth the stop.
    I'm in your class tomorrow morning & looking forward to meeting and playing with you - Catherine

  3. Definitely go to Scoma's down at Fisherman's Wharf area - the crab raviolis are the stuff dreams are made of!! Makes me drool to even think of them!! doni @ Oregon coast

    1. Yum! Those sound delicious! Thanks, doni!