Aug 14, 2012

Free Museum Tickets....

For seven years, I taught at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, which was a great job, with one exceptionally great perk.  I got in free to all the art museums in the country (and even some in Paris)!  Now that I only teach there on occasion, my museum ID no longer works, and I've started to pay attention to museum admission prices.  Holy cow!  When did it get so high?  While I try to figure out a new plan for not missing out on the museum scene, these tickets will help for one day.  Here's how:

Once a year, the Smithsonian partners with other museums to offer free  admissions all over the country.  In New York City alone there are almost twenty museums participating, including the Museum of Art and Design.  Sign up here to get your free tickets!  I'm telling you, there are tickets to be had all over the country.  Get them while they're hot!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I usually rely on my student status to get a bit of a discount, but it isn't as good as free tickets!

    Thanks so much!