Apr 30, 2012

Name That Thread....

Here's a question for the internet.  A friend of mine gave me two sets of this thread last fall, then I bought a few more colors this Spring at a little shop in Michigan.  Now that I'm back, I've been using it to stitch up one of the new sampler designs (it will debut at Squam) and I'd love to be able to buy more.

It's made by DMC, but isn't on their website.  Here are the facts: It's cotton (even though I've been winding it on used wool cards.)  It's thick and the label says it's for tapestry.   It's really soft and easy to use.  Please leave a comment if you've got any ideas what it might be called and if you know where to buy it, please do tell!

**Thank you, Laura!  That's it!  Here's the link that Laura found for "Retors Mat" Art 89 Needlework Thread at Lacis, in Berkeley.  Anybody know where to buy it on the East Coast?

Apr 27, 2012

Artist I Love: Jesse Harrod

Oh, Jesse.  We taught together at Ox-Bow in January, and we had a blast hanging out in the woods for a month.  I pulled out a  tin full of crayons and she had the same tin full of something else (I think we both collected cat tins in the 80's when cat tins were cool) and the copy cat ways of Jesse and Rebecca went on and on all month.  I'd say "I love Sequins!" and then she's say "Me too!"  She'd say I can't wait to go to Spandex World when I'm in New York City, and I'd say "Me too!"    I'd say, "let's take our class on a day long thrift shopping adventure," and she'd say "I'll fire up the pickup truck!"

We might not agree on the merits or demerits of making and analyzing handmade jam or blasting or not blasting Dar Williams or Patti Smith, but our speeds are about the same when it comes to a zillion other things.  I'm so glad she's my friend, and I'm so glad that I love her artwork.  It would be awkward if I didn't, you know?  Here's a sneak peek of some of her new work, click on over to her site to see more.....

P.S. Read her review of the experience of Ox-Bow here.

Apr 26, 2012

From Berkeley to Brooklyn......

I'm officially home again in Brooklyn, and officially nostalgic for the smell of jasmine and strawberries in Berkeley.  It's such a special place, and I'm so lucky that two of my favorite people in the whole world live there and let me nest into their guest room for long stretches of time throughout the year.   It was hard to come back to New York this time, having set up shop in Berkeley for almost two weeks, but it felt good to step outside into an east coast spring yesterday, bleary eyed and jet lagged though I was.    Here's a short recap of all the reportable activities.  More to follow soon......

1.  I posted a few pictures from the Teahouse Studios workshop (namely my student Penny's ingenious thread organizer), but here are a few more of the class at work and the class photo at the tail end, posing out on the Berkeley deck where we ate our catered lunches, prepared by us by a former chef from Chez Panisse.  If you've been thinking about taking a workshop here, please do.  The beautiful studio and amazing catered lunches made for a pretty great weekend.   Read their review with more pictures here.

2.  I don't have any photos to post from the class at AVerb for Keeping Warm  *, but I do have this to say: it was so much fun!  It was the biggest, fastest class I think I've ever taught, and it wouldn't have been possible if Kristine and her staff weren't the best.  If you're in the Bay Area you've got to check out this amazing space chock full of yarn and cool fabrics, where you'll find Kristine and her dog, charming customers, and a not so covert fabric dyeing operation in the back room.  It's a really inspiring space.  Special thanks to my friend Jackie for being my right hand woman that night and helping all of you get set up with kits and stitch help.   Thanks buddy, I owe you a Tiki Mai Tai.

* You can read Kelly Wilkinson's recap of the class here.

3.  Finally, after those two classes were finished, Katy came and joined me and our friends for an amazing trip down the coast to Pigeon Point Lighthouse, where we stayed overnight in theCoast Guard barracks turned hostel. After watching elephant seals and migrating whales all afternoon, we dined on Cioppino and Olallieberry pie at Duarte's in Pescadaro before tucking ourselves into endless games of King's Corner and rounding out the night in the clifftop hot tub.  The stars were all out above us, and I imagined the whales down below, swimming along slowly on their migration towards Alaska.   It was one of the best weekends on record.   Thanks, California.  I'll be back.

Apr 18, 2012

Creative Re-Use

It took me a half hour to calm down enough to search for what I was looking for in here. I was so excited to be rummaging. This place is too good to be true. I've gotta say, California is pretty cool.

Apr 6, 2012

See You Soon Lady!

After a week of sightseeing with the most enthusiastic New York loving kid I've ever met, I'm off to California soon for some sightseeing (and teaching!) of a different kind.  I'm travelling light, with only my iphone, so I'll be posting a few square photos here and there but probably not much text.  Fingers crossed that it works!
If you're coming to California, I can't wait to meet you!!!!!  See you soon New York City.

Apr 5, 2012

Apr 2, 2012

A Lot to Think About....

I attended the Etsy Success Symposium last week, and I'm still processing all the info that I took in.  It was  a jump start kick in the pants.   One of the most fun parts was being re-united with two Squam friends; Jessica and Michelle!  We got in the photo-booth to record the NYC Squam meet-up.  Here's the proof on my fridge.....