Jul 20, 2011

Wooden spools seek good home.

I'm cleaning out the studio again this week, organizing things that are just surfacing after teaching at Squam.  May and June (and part of JULY) were a blur- so much travel and teaching and art exhibiting.  It feels good to be in the studio again, but it's been a dumping ground for awhile and I'm getting to the bottom of it this week.  Counterspace is emerging!  I unearthed a bunch of samplers from the past that had accidentally expired over in the shop- so those are back up again.  If you saw Mary Jane Meckleson's post about the pink cake sampler, I found 18 more and they are now back in stock.   The chain stitch sampler is back in stock too in a few colors.  It's amazing what a little tidying up will find!
In other tidying news, I unearthed a small box of empty wooden thread spools.  I used all the thread already and have no interest in what's left.  Do you?  If you would like them, I'll happily mail them to you.  Just send me a message (rebeccaringquist (at) gmail) with your address.  First come, first served. The spools are headed home to Louisiana!

Finally- You have until Friday to enter to win a sampler of your choice from the shop- just upload a photo to the flickr pool (see link at right) of a sampler in progress- even if you've only completed one or two stitches!  Good luck.


  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I would love the wooden spools and would put them to good use. I just posted six completed samplers to the flicker group in order to be entered in Friday's contest. Thank you for sharing your inspiration! Teah Barrow

  2. Teah!
    Unfortunately, the spools of thread have already been spoken for- but if I find any more I will let you know. SIX SAMPLERS! I've only designed six samplers! That means you've finished all six? Yowza! I'm so excited to see them, but don't see them on Flickr- what's your flickr name?

  3. Teah- found them- beautiful! I'm so impressed that you finished all of them!

  4. Thank you! They were fun! Waiting for the new release.That's no problem about the spools, my computer skills aren't as honed as my stitching skills. I

  5. Teah- you're the winner! Let me know which sampler you would like me to send you (or I can send you a needle holder since you already have all six.) And, please send me your address. Congrats!